iPad 2 Will Be a Sex Machine


In the deluge of uninteresting news about the forthcoming iPad 2 from Apple, it’s tough for media organizations to find an original angle. For the New York Daily News, the answer is breasts — the answer is always breasts. “The launch of Apple’s iPad 2 on Wednesday left a lot of consumers excited,” the paper explains, “perhaps none more than those in the adult entertainment industry.” The rest of the article is a big advertisement for a sex chat company.

Um, Daily News:

“iP4Play offers a true two-way audio and video experience like no other where both parties can see and hear each other utilizing the stunning display resolution of the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple Mac computer,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

The service, which launched in August of last year, currently employs roughly 35 women to handle the phones and charges $4.00/minute per call.

Then there are more quotes from people who work at the company about just how great the service is — a “65-70%” return rate and stuff like that. The sex video can also be used on an iPhone or just using a Skype computer, the paper says breathlessly.

It’s not especially interesting, nor is it news so much as a clumsy commercial. But never forget the first rule of the New York tabloids: “Cleavage.”

Apple iPad 2 is big win for adult entertainment industry as FaceTime becomes tool for sex video chat [NYDN]