Johnny Depp’s Six Best Performances


A chameleon with a closetful of hairdos and accents, Johnny Depp has played everything but a household pet that goes on an adventure to discover its true self.

But wait, now he’s played just that in the animated Rango!

In fact, that’s the official plot description! The chameleon is playing a chameleon!

We’ll see if that makes his all-time best performance list (I have no idea, since I wasn’t invited), but here are my six Depp delights so far:

(6) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He channeled Michael Jackson as the impishly devious kiddie host with a taste for sweets and sourness. He would have scored higher if it weren’t for Gene Wilder.

(5) Alice in Wonderland. Considering the eyebrows — and the possibilities — he was actually pretty disciplined in his zany tea-party role. His mastery of the gapped teeth alone deserved an Oscar.

(4) Pirates of the Caribbean This time, he channeled Keith Richards as a swaggering drunk with the best dreads since Willow Smith. Angelina’s probably wondering why this became a franchise and The Tourist didn’t.

(3) Donnie Brasco. More serious and subdued than the usual Depp exercise, this invigorating crime drama proved Johnny can act, not just act up.

(2) Ed Wood. Playing the worst director in history, Johnny managed to be part of one of the best movies in history.

And my top slot goes to..

(1) Sweeney Todd. He slayed me! And he sings! Amazing! Johnny Depp makes weirdness fun again.