Prepare for the Summer of Bedbugs, Part 2: Imminent Takeover


We haven’t talked about those creepy crawly little horrors that were all over our retail stores, movie theaters, schools, offices, hotels, and wherever else they could get their monstrous little biting bodies into, even subway trains, last summer. We haven’t missed them, but apparently it’s time to bring them up again. Bedbug infestations “are most common in July, August, and September,” but we may get them even sooner, “in a few months,” said research entomologist Jeffrey White at a recent bedbug seminar. Lucky us.

Beyond that,

“I firmly believe that this year is going to be worse than last year,” White said.

One little nugget that stays with us, haunting, is the fact that a bedbug can survive for an entire year on one “blood meal.” Well, no wonder they’re winning. Give a wide berth to that used mattress on the street. Read more about the state of the bedbug here.

Beware of Bedbugs: Cases Set to Surge This Summer [NBC NY]