Stuyvesant High School Kids Made a Racist Rap Video; A Classmate Put It On YouTube


A group of kids from New York City’s exclusive Stuyvesant High School are being disciplined after a classmate posted a video they recorded to YouTube, in which four white guys hold an embarrassing cypher, taking turns freestyle rapping over a slap-bass beat. Their abuse of the form is less of a problem than the content of their rhymes, which include lines like, “You ashy and black, so you probably got blisters,” and similarly, “You black and you so fucking grimy.” Keeping with the unfortunate recent theme of anti-Semitism there’s also, “You look like a Jew,” thrown in for good measure.

Another especially cringe-worthy line goes, “Stereotypical black, yeah, she’s kinda loud.”

The Daily News reports that the kids are being punished and Stuyvesant, an exclusive public school that only admits students based on an exam score, is up in arms.

“My intention in posting the video on YouTube was not only to make sure that these boys were disciplined accordingly but to encourage a meaningful dialog [sic] about race relations at prestigious institutions,” said Alexis Marie Wint in a statement.

See, the kids in the video only posted it semi-publicly, to Facebook, maybe stupidly thinking it was some sort of safe space, only to have Wint, a Stuyvesant alum who now attends Bard College, put it on YouTube to raise awareness. The names of the students in the recording don’t seem to be public, but it’s only a matter of time and will probably present an unforeseen obstacle when it comes to getting into a good college.

“The video makes us look bad. Racism is not a problem at this high school,” said a 15-year-old freshman. According to My Fox NY, the school is “71.6 percent Asian, 24.1 percent white, 2.9 percent Hispanic, and 1.2 percent black.”

The video is embedded below and obviously includes offensive language. If you feel so inclined, the Daily News is also running a poll, which includes the option, “No, I wasn’t offended; in fact, I thought they were pretty good.” Thankfully, that one is at zero percent, for the moment.