The Exotic Jungles of Staten Island Are Full of Pot


Two Staten Island men have been arrested for cultivating a marijuana farm in their apartment. Cops seized 375 marijuana plants and a safe full of money. Weed growers are often caught due to their extremely high power bills (they need to keep the grow lamps running), but this Island duo was smarter than that: They stole over $100,000 of power from Con Edison. The New York Post dubbed the place a “pot jungle” and quotes one of the investigators as saying “You almost got a contact high by just going into the house.” Meanwhile, a neighbor said “I had no idea. I’m shocked!”

The Staten Island Jungle apparently has “a heavy, earthy pot smell,” according to one of the officers who has trekked through it. We hear that the jungle is only reachable by a large orange boat that you can take for free. The orange-spotted creatures that inhabit the island are rarer than a bald eagle, but scarier than a lion:

We’re kidding of course. But thanks to the amazing invention of YouTube, you can see what a run through an actual medical marijuana jungle is like!

We feel so informed…and reeaally hungry.