What to Drink at Thistle Hill Tavern: The Thistle Hill Cocktail


Each week in The Daily Shot, we have ourselves a drink that we think you should try, too.

​The drink: Thistle Hill Cocktail

The bar: Thistle Hill Tavern

The price: $12

The ingredients: Famous Grouse, Carpano Antica, A.B. Smeby citrus bitters

The buzz: This drink, like so many others, is basically a Manhattan. The whiskey is Scottish, the vermouth Italian, and the bitters, well, about as local as you can get. The result is a swift kick in the pants, more savory than smoky, with a nicely bitter edge to it. It’s the kind of drink you want to sit with at the end of a long day or a short date. Or while unceremoniously wedged into the tiny bar area of Thistle Hill as you wait for a coveted table. We had no problem downing this at brunch, but then, we wear the big-girl drinking pants.

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