Whoopi Goldberg Loves Moms Mabley!


And so do I!

Jackie “Moms” Mabley was a toothless but biting comic — a hilariously racy lady who went from “the chitlins circuit” to lots of TV variety show fame as one of the most inspired novelty stars of the ’60s.

Well, at a press event for Broadway’s Sister Act musical yesterday, producer Whoopi Goldberg told me she’d like me to appear in a documentary she’s doing about Moms.

And I was totally thrilled because:

(A) Whoopi obviously reads this blog — or maybe she just Googled “Moms Mabley.” (Or her assistant did.) And, hey, that gives me resonance.

(B) Moms is getting the documentary treatment! This is so much more exciting than one more doc about how food is processed or how CEOs take really big bonuses.

Moms Mabley YouTube Treasure: To Be Old, Gifted, and Black