Woman Is Refused Cupcake, Flies Into Cupcake Rage


Given that the world has already borne witness to hamburger rage, McNugget rage, and taco rage, it was only a matter of time before we were confronted with cupcake rage.

Although most food rage tends to take place in drive-throughs across America, we have Wales — Wales! — to thank for this one. According to the Daily Mail, a customer at the Sugarswirlz cake shop in Cardiff went completely and irretrievably ballistic after being told that the shop had run out of the so-called sweet-tooth fairy cake. In full view of her two children, she proceeded to throw a tantrum, inflict about $650 worth of damage on the store, assault its employees, and flee. The cupcake itself cost approximately $3.58, and was covered in candy floss.

[Via The Food Section]