America’s Laughing Baby Experiences 15 Minutes of Fame


Earlier this week, a YouTube video of a baby laughing hysterically as his father ripped what turned out to be a job rejection to shreds began to circulate, to be seen by more than 6 million sets of American eyes. America laughed, America cried, America needed to make this baby a star! And, so, some lowly staffer from the Today Show was dispatched to locate the mysterious laughing baby, along with its handlers, to find out what made it tick…and to see if it could be done again, on national television.

America asked, America received. But suddenly, in front of the bright lights and eager, peering faces, the baby got “temperamental.” Baby whisperer Matt Lauer could not even make the baby giggle with a fake sneeze. The baby simply wouldn’t give the people what they wanted. The baby has been ruined by celebrity. It happens so fast these days.

Baby, just remember that without America, you would only be a baby laughing at some ripped-up paper.