Ask the Critics: What Are Some Good Gluten-Free Dishes?


Moira C. Asks: I’m on a gluten-free diet, but I don’t want to be limited to gluten-free restaurants. Can you suggest some great gluten-free dishes you’ve had recently around the city?

Dear Moira: The city does have some well-known and tasty gluten-free restaurants, like Risotteria, and bakeries, like Tu-Lu’s, and you can even find gluten-free pizza at Kesté. But here are some dishes I’ve eaten recently that I particularly enjoyed, and which meet your dietary needs. Hope you like them, too!

I recently swooned over Ai Fiori’s butter-poached scallops, which are topped with caviar. Decadent, for sure, but totally worth it. At Danji, a modern Korean tapas restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, I had a great japchae, which is stir-fried vermicelli — made from potato starch — with beef and vegetables. At Ciano, the heavenly burrata comes with toast on the side, but you can easily just eat the cheese straight out of the bowl, as I did. Continuing on the dairy front, I adored a mozzarella and arugula salad recently at ABC Kitchen, which came studded not with tomatoes but cranberries. I also really like their roasted Brussels sprouts.

For heartier fare, sea and land converge in the headcheese-stuffed branzino at FishTag, which I particularly enjoyed. I also liked the roast chicken with Brussels sprouts as well as the porchetta (a truly hunkering portion of meat) at Osteria Morini.

Desserts can be tricky, since so many are flour-based. But two recent ones really stand out: I reviewed Graffit this week and they had a really interesting dessert that’s essentially a flat Jell-O shot dotted with lots of different flavors that represent the nose and aroma of the wine. It’s one of the most unique desserts I’ve had in recent memory. I also really loved the ice cream at Mary Queen of Scots, which came in flavors like roasted almond, walnut, and honey.