Becoming a Mister Softee Vendor is Kind of a Pain in the Ass


Despite the hateful cold snap, we actually heard the Mister Softee truck outside our window last night, its jingle as unmistakable as a cold sore. Apparently some people are getting a head start on ice cream season, and if what Miss Softee has to say over at Midtown Lunch is any indication, they should be.

The soft-serve vendor has written a useful if daunting guide to how to get the necessary paperwork to operate a Mister Softee truck. The takeaway? It’s sort of a big pain in the ass. First, you fill out paperwork, then you pay the DOH some money and take a food-protection course, then you fill out more paperwork, then you take another class, and then you take a test. And then you actually apply to be a mobile food vendor. By which time the summer may or may not be long gone, and you’re reduced to trolling the streets in early March, searching desperately for impressionable and frostbitten children.