Fat Pants Friday: Kalustyan’s Lebanese Walnut Fingers


They may be beige, but there’s absolutely nothing drab about Kalustyan’s Lebanese walnut fingers.

Although the venerable shop is renowned for its myriad spices, teas, and things in jars, the display case lodged between its two cash registers harbors an impressive variety of sweets. Among them are two types of walnut fingers, Greek and Lebanese. We’re partial to the latter because of the pistachio dust adorning their exterior, and also because they’re frigging amazing.

Simply put, they’re four inches of nutty, honeyed bliss, kind of like a cylindrical baklava but nowhere near as sticky or buttery. They taste faintly of rosewater, and the soft floral note lends both added dimension to the sweetness and a compelling contrast to the pastry’s dense, crunchy texture.

Because these babies are small, they register only a Skinny Jeans on the Fat Pants spectrum. And because they’re priced to move at $1.50 a piece, it’s advisable to buy a few at a time. We’d recommend trying to savor them for as long as possible, but we’re not delusional: When something is this good and this dangerously compact, extinction is imminent.

123 Lexington Avenue