John Gotti’s ‘Adopted Boy’ Lewis Kasman Sues His Divorce Attorney


Lewis Kasman, the “adopted son” of crime boss John Gotti who perjured himself while standing by Gotti but later squealed on the Gottis, is now suing his divorce attorney down in Florida.

Kasman told Broward-Palm Beach New Times reporter Bob Norman, “The lawyers are the best extortionists of all. They beat the Mafia any day of the week, especially in Florida.”

Norman tells a pretty steamy tale:

The most explosive charge contained in the lawsuit filed on Kasman’s behalf by Coral Springs attorney Nicholas Steffens is that Roderman was involved in an “inappropriate personal relationship” with the opposing counsel in the divorce, Carol Kartagener, of the Weiss Handler law firm in Palm Beach County.

“Plaintiff Kasman saw Defendant Roderman taking part in a compromising physical embrace with Kartagener in the parking lot of the South County Courthouse in Delray Beach, Florida,” Steffens wrote in the lawsuit.

Kasman has a more direct way of putting it. “I was walking out in the parking lot after a court hearing when I saw them together and he had his tongue down her mouth,” he says.

One divorce attorney’s tongue down the mouth of another divorce attorney: Now there’s an image that could spoil the start to one’s weekend.