Ken Jennings, Jeopardy! Champ, Took Questions on Reddit as “WatsonsBitch”


“I am a 74-time Jeopardy! champion, Ken Jennings. I will not be answering in the form of a question,” someone wrote in the IAmA section of social news website and discussion board Reddit yesterday afternoon under the username WatsonsBitch. It turns out, via proof on his blog, that it was indeed the real Jennings and WatsonsBitch was a reference to the super-computer, which kicked puny human ass at Jeopardy! The result of Jennings’s stop by the web nerd stomping ground was a whopping 4,918 comments, tons of which are answered honestly and hilariously by Jennings. Here are a few of our favorites:

When asked about his worst categories on the game show, in what would become the highest rated question by the Reddit community, Jennings responded, “I remember COUNTRY MUSIC kept showing up. That or HOCKEY. Least favorite categories. Basically anything with a mullet is my Jeopardy kryptonite.” That joke slayed among white geeks.

“Old people can’t keep their dry, lilac-scented hands off me. Man, do old people ever love Jeopardy. I can’t go anywhere in public where there might be old people, like Hallmark stores or cemeteries,” Jennings wrote when asked how his life has changed after his record winning streak on the show. He knows his demo and self-deprecation is a central tenet of internet humor.

He went on to praise Alex Trebek (he’s only smug on camera, supposedly), drop some Mormon trivia and even write a limerick.

When someone asked for advice because they’re scheduled to appear on Jeopardy!, Jennings quipped, “Congrats! You will be joining an elite club of virgins.” But the sex talk didn’t end there. “Did winning at Jeopardy get you hella laid?” someone asked. “Again, devout Mormon, happily married family man, etc. But luckily my wife has a weird ‘game show contestant’ role-playing fantasy, so yes. Yes it did,” Jennings said. And just like that, he had them eating out of his hand.

It’s all a total nerd lovefest, so spend some time scrolling around here for a smile or two. Jennings promised he’d be back: “When you least expect it! MWAH HA HA! Or, uh, when I have a new book to promote.” Perfect.