“Love It or Leave It, Asshole”


That’s what an illiterate charmer told me in a letter attacking my column detailing 41 reasons why I hate NYC. (I think I just found reason 42.)

That particular column has gotten all kinds of toasts and huzzahs, but this guy clearly read it while puking whatever guts he has left.

Here’s the letter, complete with outrageous misspellings and other errors.

I’ve bold-faced the juiciest bits.


“If you don’t like NYC then get the FUCK out! The Great housing boom has made this city a magnet for rich asshole like yourself.

“All of the artist now go to Brooklyn because they can’t afford to live in Manhattan. Most of the young people can’t afford Manhattan ether. So it’s be taken over by Old, Rich, Ugly assholes, like yourself.

“That’s why NYC turned into a Shopping mail. In attempt to cater to Old wealthy Douche bags. NYC used to be Hardcore. If you Where born and lived here. It used to mean you where tuffer or smarter than the people in the suburbs. Now jerks like you are concerned that there are to many dollar pizza places are on your block. Fuck you and our apartment. Have a dollar slice or Go choke on some Osetra. Douche!!!!

“How dare you mock the plights of those less fortunate as yourself! You do Nothing. You write stories about other people who really lived through something. Your not an artist your a lech. Your not funny your just gay. Old cliche Homo even. Not an original thought in your head. No concept of what it really is to be a New Yorker.

“I was born here and I’ll be here long after you and your wealth and your writing is gone.

“It’s true that the retail experience of NYC has gone to the mall. But those companies are here to serve you. So you can get nail polish remover. They are here because this is where the money is. Your money Not mine.

“This is also one of the few place where a faggot can be himself. Why don’t you go mid west or down south. See how they appreciate your Flaming cock sucker point of view. They won’t! Your stuck here asshole. unless you want to live in SF.

“So Fuck you and your opinion. This is my city. I hope it gets intolerably worse for cushy, Cowards and whining shopaholics. BTW I love gay people. I just hate pampered douches, Who feed of this dynamic place and then take it for granted. I hate you. I hope you get mugged. I hope you get raped in the ass with a knife and acquire HIV at the same time. People like you.

“I bet with all your success you still get really depressed. You should take that final step and kill yourself. I bet your an alcoholic mess. Any one who loves you is just doing it cause you are a success. Without that your just a fat,, ugly talent book keeper. please kill yourself.

“If you don”t like this place? Then go away. Go away for good

“you suck Musto!!!!”

Well, for the record, Mr. Psycho, sir, I was born in NYC, went to school here, and have lived here my entire life! My “wealth” was acquired by tireless working. And I haven’t had a touch of alcohol in…no, wait, why am I responding to this troll?

You do that, please.