Mazdas Recalled Due to Spider Infestation; Detroit Loses Arachnid Market


Mazda is recalling over 65,000 cars because yellow sac spiders have been found nesting in fuel hoses, the Daily News reports. The spiders have only taken to inhabiting Mazda6 models; probably due to their aerodynamic design, 5-star crash safety rating and responsive handling. That, or because there is an infestation at an auto parts supplier or the Michigan assembly plant, as the LA Times reports. Runnin’ Scared reports that THEY ARE IN YOUR HAIR, OH MY GOD THEY ARE CRAWLING IN YOUR HAIR!

Why the spiders have been shacking up in this particular part of the sedans is unclear. Automotive engineers and entomologist are finally putting their age-old differences aside in order to solve this quandary.

“We really don’t know how they’re getting in,” said Jeremy Barnes, a spokesman for Mazda North American Operations.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln entomologist Barb Ogg agrees.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me. They like to spend their time in little tight spaces, so I think it’s more likely realted[sic] to how [the fuel system] constructed,” she said.

The spiders have been weaving small sacs in rubber hoses attached to the cars’ fuel tank system, blocking ventilation and causing pressure that could lead to cracks, gas leaks and in the worst-case scenario a fire.

Yellow sac spiders are mildly venomous (like mosquitoes. Lame.) and hunt at night (just when you are driving your beautiful children to their sleepover tonight). It is hypothesized that they are attracted to the smell of gasoline, but experts have dismissed that theory because it is stupid and should never have been brought up in the first place.

While no major malfunctions have been reported, Mazda still feels the need for a recall. Probably because, you know, their cars are crawling with spiders.

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