Mitsuwa Will Help You Get a Sugar High This Weekend


Everyone’s favorite Japanese superstore, Mitsuwa Marketplace, will be holding a sweets festival this weekend, celebrating sugary delights from the Far East.

Customers will be able to try 20 different kinds of treats from Inaho Seika (a Japanese pastry shop that’s been around since 1946) including rice cakes covered or stuffed with red bean jam, skewered dumplings with sweet sauce, sakura and uguisu mochi, kintsuba, suama, and white sesame dango. Plus to wash down all the sugar, there will be a tea fair sponsored by Ito-En offering teas at discounted prices as well as a temakizushi (a/k/a hand roll sushi) fair. If Edgewater is too far of a trip (there is a shuttle bus from Port Authority, though), Japanese sweets can also be found at Minamoto Kitchoan, Panya, and Kyotofu. All closer to home than, say, going to Japan.