Naked Therapist Having the Best Week Ever


Sarah White, a 24-year-old New York City woman, has become instantly micro-famous for her “naked therapy,” in which she removes her clothes during the course of a session in hopes of allowing patients (guys, mostly) to speak more freely about their emotions. “For men in particular, seeing a naked woman can really help them focus, look deeply into themselves and speak their minds openly,” she told The Daily in an article published Monday. In the days since, White’s gimmick has been reported on (or just recycled) by no less than ten major news outlets, doubtlessly as a thinly veiled excuse to post the photographs and video we’re about to show you. Everyone wins, see?

White studied psychology as a undergraduate in college, the Daily Mail reports, though now she’s just essentially a “camgirl” who will also listen to your problems:

The initial sessions, which cost $150, are conducted via a one-way web cam and text chat.

Once she builds a rapport with a client she moves to two-way Skype video appointments and then, in some cases, in-person consultations.

Calling it “therapy” has proved an excellent way of garnering media attention, with reports following from the New York Daily News (“Freud used free association,” she said. “I use nakedness.”), Fox, CBS (which boasts “PICTURES”), Huffington Post and so on. As wacky as the story may be — as long as we focus on the “therapy,” not the webcam — her penchant for multimedia doesn’t hurt either.

Get her before the rates go sky high, or you know, just watch free internet porn.