Rosa Mexicano Gets Death & Co. Cocktails


Bartender Alex Day may have left New York last year for the sunny West Coast, but his ties to the city are still strong. He and his former boss at Death & Co., David Kaplan, were enlisted by mini-chain Rosa Mexicano to create a series of cocktails for all 10 of the restaurant’s locations nationwide. The focus is on tequila-, mezcal-, and Mexican-beer-based drinks, which will be added to — and not replace — the restaurant’s signature margaritas.

The new cocktail list includes the El Mezcalito (fresh strawberry, Tanteo Jalapeño, Del Maguey-Vida mezcal, fresh lemon, organic agave), Águila Real (Hennessy VS, Kahlua, Licor 43, cream, chocolate mole bitters), and Chelita (Tecate, fresh lime, and spices, served over ice with a salted rim).

Death & Co., which has been closed for a few nights as it renewed its liquor license, is expected to reopen tonight.