Smoke, Duck Fat, Nordic Foods Named as Trends; Women Do Sushi in Tokyo


In this era of skyrocketing food prices, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey contends that food is still far cheaper than it was a century ago and we should be spending more on what we eat.

Smoke, paprika, ricotta, duck fat, pintxos, meatballs, oysters, low-brow chicken, pop-up restaurants, Nordic foods, and house-made sodas are what’s hot in dining.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Starbucks founder Howard Schultz popped into Juice Press in the East Village to sample the goods recently, accompanied by a motorcade of security.
[NY Post]

A random check of public school cafeterias in Boston found kitchens had expired foods still stocked, some from 2009.
[Huffington Post]

In Tokyo, a new sushi restaurant manned by women isn’t taken seriously by the men who still dominate the industry.
[Wall Street Journal]

A new study has found that getting a lot of iron in the first trimester of pregnancy can lead to bigger babies.