The Body of Mo Pitkin’s May Be Brought Back to Life as a Performance Space


The run of Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction was as colorful as it was brief: Between its opening in 2005 and closure two years later, the Avenue A theater/restaurant/bar was rife with performance artists, burlesque dancers, and manischevitinis.

Since its closing, the building has gone through a couple of incarnations (it was sold for $4 million in 2008), including most recently Aces and Eights, a bar shuttered by the DOH last September. Now, thanks to Phil Hartman — who opened Mo Pitkin’s with his brother, Jesse — it appears that 34 Avenue A may rise anew from the ashes.

EV Grieve reports that the building’s window now sports a CB3 flyer informing neighbors of plans to open a bar/restaurant/performance venue, with Phil Hartman listed as a contact. Jesse Hartman had quite a rough time with CB3 in 2009, when his attempts to open Grand Park were quashed by neighborhood opposition, but perhaps the neighbors present at the upcoming March 14 meeting will be more sympathetic — after all, at least no one’s trying to open another Chase or Duane Reade.