Week In Review: “This Was A Weird One, Folks.”


Charlie Sheen dominated the wild and weird this week but the rest of the world proved able keep pace. Lady Gaga birthed some sort of goey monster-baby while blood-covered panda bears danced with leather-bound vampires at the Cradle of Filth show. Suffice it to say we felt the stirrings of a trend. As our critic Rob Harvilla wrote about the Get Up Kids show this week (that came about a decade too late), “This was a weird one folks.”

Diplo told us about the four halves of his twitter-diary — the half that is drunk, the half that is real, the half that’s him bored and the half that was lost when his battery died soon. Beatboxer Taylor McFerrin told us about the time his dad threw away his Snoop Dogg CDs and the Gregory Brother’s talked to us about auto-tuning the Oscars (which really was the best part of the show, except for maybe the reliably-sweet PS122 kids).

Some things felt less like chasing unicorns. The always stand-up Roots impressed at a benefit for Tibet and Mr. Dream’s Trash Hit is as perfectly dazed and nostalgic as we had hoped (also: streaming!). And when Park Slope was as nonplussed by their new “another Yo MTV Raps ‘bling-bling’ vip club” neighbors as you thought they would be, the internet handled it with predictable grace and charm.

For those looking to carry the week’s unhinged energy into the weekend, we recommend the Death Set’s “Can You See Straight” on repeat. Exhausted? Maybe you’ll stay in and plan your trip to Austin for our SXSW party. Otherwise, there’s plenty else to do. See you Monday.