Comedian Currently Watching Every Episode of Two and a Half Men


Today in masochism: there is a comedian named Gil Ozeri who is currently watching every single episode of Two and a Half Men in a row, sans interruptions. The whole thing is streaming online here. Fittingly enough, all of the episodes of Charlie Sheen’s famously mediocre sitcom (there are 177 of them) add up to 62 hours — almost exactly two and a half days. He just finished episode 60-something.

Things are getting pretty grim.

As Ozeri outlined it on his website:

So here’s the plan. Funny or Die is producing and my good friend Curtis Gwinn is directing. What better time to do this, then when Charlie Sheen is WINNING. So it’s all happening – this weekend starting tomorrow morning, Friday, March 4th (around 10AM PST) – Sunday night, March 6th.

I am locking myself in a room. We’ll have cameras capturing all the footage. I will hopefully lose my mind. We’ll have a bunch of guests too — including Paul Scheer, John Gemberling, Jon Daly, Brett Gelman, Curtis Gwinn, Emily Strachan, Paul Rust, and yes we will have porn stars!

I’ve been watching the streaming video and it’s like Waiting for Godot except it’s waiting for Two and a Half Men to stop being shitty. Which is never.

Ozeri has a “big board” behind him where he counts things like: how many times a character eats pizza with a knife and fork (four so far), how many times Ozeri has spoken nonsense (four), number of times Charlie Sheen has brought home “ladies” (35), and number of gay jokes (20). He’s sitting in what appears to be a dingy basement with no natural light.

Right now the conversation is focused on when Ozeri will get his alloted nap. So far this morning I’ve seen him sing the theme song of the show and spend two and a half minutes laughing along with the laugh track. Just imagine what it’ll be like this time tomorrow!