The Weather Is Much Improved: Five Places to Take Advantage in NYC


This weather is really something! For everyone besides weekend bloggers. You’re probably out frolicking already, aren’t you. But if you’re not — if you’re hungover and melting into a blob in front of Jersey Shore, mired in an existential crisis about what you’re doing with your life — it’s time to go outside. Forthwith, five ideas we just came up with to enjoy the first few days of spring, even if it is kind of cloudy. And a little windy. And not really that warm. Anyway.

1. The middle of the running track in McCarren Park

Go to McCarren Park in Brooklyn, sit in the grass in the middle of the track, and watch the runners go round and round. It’s soothing.

2. Hudson River Park

This is one of the best spots for public drinking in the city. Sit on the grass and covertly drink while looking at New Jersey. One time I convinced one of the Parks Department people that the cheap champagne I had sitting right beside me in the grass was non-alcoholic. It was pretty neat.

3.Your rooftop

It’s the beginning of roof weather. Also never too early to start thinking about a tan. Dust off that patio furniture you have up there.

4. Staten Island Ferry

It’s free, it’s nice out, and you can end up in…Staten Island.

5. My backyard

I have a backyard now. It’s a small rectangular patch of concrete that receives very little natural light and is littered with cigarette butts. Come over! I’m blogging here all alone.