Toss Before Eating: Dan Dan Noodles at Sichuan Fave Spicy Bampa in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn


No. 26 of our 100 Days/100 Dishes is this innocent-looking bowl of noodles — the chile oil alone will set your lips on fire.

The restaurant formerly known as Bamboo Pavilion and now known as Spicy Bampa is evidence of the diaspora of great Sichuan restaurant into Brooklyn neighborhoods where you never would have expected to see them five years go, still retaining their peppercorns and their heat.

Dan dan noodles is a Sichuan mainstay, a bowl of rice noodles bathed in chile oil and littered with crushed Sichuan peppercorns, anesthetizing your mouth as surely as novocaine. In this rendition, baby spinach provides color distraction, while a reservoir of bean paste lurks at the bottom. And let’s not forget the richness conferred by ground pork. The dish must be vigorously stirred before eating.

Dan dan noodles is named after the pole that the street vendors of the noodles carried across their shoulders, upon which would be balanced the portable charcoal stove and stores of ingredients used to make this street-food classic.

Spicy Bampa
6920 18th Avenue
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

100 Days/100 Dishes is an almost-random alphabetical collection of delicious dishes from around the five boroughs. See the entire series so far.

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