Donald Trump: “Gays Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Marry!”


Why is it always the ones who can’t master straight marriage who feel gay marriage is such a terrible idea?

Are they afraid someone might actually show them how to do it right?

The latest example of this crazed hypocrisy is that one-haired developer/reality star Donald Trump.

Trump — who is threatening us with a possible run for President next year — is strangely blaring that gays aren’t fit to be tied up.

Could you gag?

Let me remind you that Trump is the one who famously cheated on wife Ivana Trump by doing it with the bosomy Marla Maples (also dubbed “Moolah” Maples) as the world’s shiniest power marriage crumbled into the slippery slopes of Aspen.

After this went down, Ivana got revenge by looking better than ever, while the Donald somehow became a TV bully, a political wannabe, and a fiery spokesperson for the sanctity of marriage!

It is to laugh!

Donald, you’re fired as anyone of real credibility!