Aspiring Writers Now Papering East Village With Their Manuscripts


Remember that mysterious novel that was appearing, page by page, in locations around the East Village? Alas, those pages seem to have disappeared without a trace, perhaps due to rain, perhaps to a novelist abandoning efforts (or, dare we hope, a book deal?). But our East Village blogging pal EV Grieve has noticed pages of other novels appearing around the neighborhood.

Publishing being what it is these days, is this a new retro way to market? Grassroots self-publishing? Gag?

The new “books” in question are titled “The Two Little Canker Sores” by A.C. (on 4th and 10th) and “Columbine: A Memoir” by Christian Thompson (on A between 6th and 7th). Something for everyone, though we’d be more likely to read the first, which begins, intriguingly, “There once lived a girl who was plagued by two small abrasions located symmetrically on the inside of her upper lip.”

Well, pages of writing are better than ads everywhere, we guess. Although we’d guess aspiring novelists would have better luck getting attention on, say, a blog. Plus, less weather damage.

Have you seen any of these, or perhaps written them? Get in touch!

More pages of novels appearing on the East Village streets [EV Grieve]