Kilauea Volcano Erupts in Hawaii; Violence Continues in Libya; Cabbie Runs Over Passengers


• Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano is erupting from the Puu Oo crater, which collapsed over the weekend, creating a vent 545 meters long (about a third of a mile), with lava shooting up 72 feet into the air. Watch here. [Pat’s Papers]

• Violence continues in Libya, from which 213,000 migrant workers have fled and “hundreds of thousands more are expected to follow.” Gaddafi loyalists have pushed back opposition forces hoping to advance toward Tripoli. [WP]

Charlie Sheen enjoyed the portrayal of himself on SNL (of course he did) because he got a portrayal on SNL. He texted the New York Post to tell them. These are strange times. [NYP]

• A cab driver who apparently really did not want to go to the Bronx hit two of his passengers with his car after being told by cops that he did have to take them to the Bronx. One man is in critical and one is in stable condition. [NYT]

• Seven of the eight evicted Coney Island businesses will get one more summer season. They are expected to sign one-year lease agreements on their properties today. Shoot the Freak won’t return, as it was demolished. [NY1]

• The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race has begun in Alaska. Dogs (and mushers) travel 1,150 miles across the Arctic; the winner gets $50,400 and a new truck. [CNN]