Mark Zuckerberg’s Dog Has a Facebook Page; We Actually Just Wrote That


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend have a new pooch you can man’s-best-friend! [Christ, these words are going to be recorded for posterity.] Forbes reports that his name is “Beast,” and the precocious Puli has his very own Facebook page. He’s the most adorable on-line-K-9 around! [No one will read this, right? Oh no, what if people read this?] His wall is full of photos and fun updates so you can keep up with him on the Social “Pet”-work. [Okay, that’s it, how many Excedrin PMs will it take to bleach our brain? Twenty?]

His interests include “Cuddling, Loving and Eating.” Here’s hoping he keeps posting updates because we can’t get enough of this dog-blog! [We are so, so sorry. We promise this will never happen again.] His page can be found here, so drop in and give the adorable guy a poke! [We’re going to the bar. If you see us, kick us in the crotch. We deserve it.]

Mark Zuckerberg Gets A Dog, Gives It a Facebook Page [Forbes]