Miracle Whip Bites Marmite’s Clever ‘Love It Or Hate It’ Ad Campaign


Miracle Whip has followed up its most recent “We Will Not Tone It Down” ad campaign, in which it promoted its faux feud with mayo-loving Stephen Colbert, with a new “Take a Side” ad featuring different (famous and not) people singing the praises of the Whip or bemoaning its terribleness. If you’ve never happened to flip on a TV while vacationing in Jolly Ol’ England and glimpse Marmite’s “Love It or Hate It” campaign, you might think the Kraft brand’s marketers were actually more clever and edgy than they really are.

Care to compare the ads?

The Miracle Whip ad — starring the likes of James Carville, Amy Sedaris, and Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D (who claims he wouldn’t even deign to use it in his shellacked inverse trapezium of a coif) — is framed in a way that suggests the viewer can choose which side he or she is on. Do you agree with the Ragin’ Cajun’s opinion that, unlike “elite” mustards, “Miracle Whip is America”? Or with the guy who says it tastes like “spreadable disappointment”?

Now, a classic Marmite ad (I couldn’t unearth my favorite one, with two people handing out samples, one who is being mobbed by crazed fans and the other who is chasing down terrified Marmite haters):