Monte’s on Carroll Street Will be Resurrected as…Monte’s


A couple weeks after it began exhibiting new signs of life, it looks like Monte’s Venetian Room, the Carroll Street Italian restaurant that closed in 2008 after 102 years of service, will be resurrected as itself, sort of.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the restaurant is now in the hands of Dominick Castlevestri, a local resident who has run a series of pizzerias. Castlevestri is planning to import a wood-burning oven from Italy and offer a menu of “new Italian” small plates. He’s also restored the original bar and is planning to install new booths, counters, and an open kitchen.

The fate of the huge mural of Venice that adorns the restaurant’s wall is at this point unclear, though if Castlevestri is hoping to attract a new, younger clientele, he could do worse than appeal to them with unabashed, pointedly unironic kitsch.