Phil Collins Says, “That’s All”


Phil Collins is calling it quits. Or, as CNN puts it, “Fans of Phil Collins may be begging for just ‘One More Night‘ now that the singing legend has announced that he’s ready to retire from music.” You must be thinking, surely this must be some kind of “Misunderstanding,” but no, the legendary Genesis frontman has shown his “True Colors.”

Collins cited a cultural shift, saying, “I look at the MTV Music Awards and I think: ‘I can’t be in the same business as this.'” There are “Many Too Many” fans begging for another tour, but Phil Collins has made it clear, “I Can’t Dance.”

He also says nerve damage has made his hands “Like China.” “I’m not worried about not being able to play the drums again, I’m more worried about being able to cut a loaf of bread safely or building things for my kids.”

Collins will likely retire at his “Home by the Sea,” where he hopefully won’t be “Taking It All Too Hard.” After winning seven Grammys, it’s not like he’s “Throwing It All Away.” And while this is “Another Day in Paradise” for longtime detractors glad to see him gone, his legions of fans will now listlessly wander a “Land of Confusion,” muttering “I Cannot Believe It’s True” and hoping “Against All Odds” that he’ll someday make “Another Record.”

Will he “Hang in Long Enough” for a possible comeback in the future? The answer to that question is “In the Air Tonight.”


UPDATE: Apparently Phil Collins is just taking time off, and that there was “Never a Time” he said that he was retiring. Those rumors were “Not About Us.”

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