Poor People Walk on the Left in Park Slope


Ah, Park Slope. Not content to merely offend tourists (remember that Tourist/New York sidewalk signage we were all going on about last year?), some prankster in the borough has taken things a step further and divided the wealthy from the merely average at the Garfield Entrance to Prospect Park. Fucked in Park Slope reported the “new signage,” remarking that “yes, Brownstone Brooklyn is way richer than it was 10 years ago.”

FIPS continues,

My anecdotal findings that we’re over capacity on spoiled and assy neighbors have been confirmed by actual census data. It’s scientifically verified that for every departing retiree, legal aid lawyer, social worker, freelancing artsy-fartsy, and teacher–a group who in years past made up the backbone of our lost paradise of Park Slope–two professionals with entitlement issues and narcissistic tendencies have moved in. And they’re having fewer kids on whom to shower their largesse and attention upon.

More specifically, via the Brooklyn Eagle,

“There are now more than 17,000 households in brownstone Brooklyn whose members earn more than $150,000 a year, an increase of about $9,000 from 2000.”

The question remains, however: Will these spoiled and assy neighbors use the right or the left side of the entrance? Or will they simply implode from the offensiveness of it all? We watch, we wait. Update: We hear the sign was washed away in the rain. Keep us posted, Park Slopers!