Thin Lizzy (Or What’s Left Of Them) Are Playing Best Buy Theater Later This Month


It’s tough dealing with Frankensteined, death-ravaged, radically lineup-shuffled entities like Thin Lizzy, the ’70s-ascendant twin-guitar-rock sensations whose performing days by all rights should’ve ended in 1986 with the death of bassist/frontman Phil Lynott but, y’know, didn’t. (Longtime on-again-off-again guitarist Gary Moore died just last month.) But a loose TL assemblage is on tour even now, featuring both old- and relatively new-timers, the former represented by guitarist Scott Gorham (guitar) and drummer Brian Downey (drums); they’ll hit Best Buy Theater March 25. (The night before they will perform in Jim Thorpe, PA, which is apparently a real place.) This is terribly gauche, on the one hand, but on the other, it’s a chance to see a band with a reasonable claim to playing “Bad Reputation” in public play “Bad Reputation” in public. Better put it on repeat as you think this over: