“Today I Am A Muslim, Too” Rally Protests Rep. King’s Hearings


Several hundred protesters faced the rain and wind yesterday to attend the “Today, I Am a Muslim, Too” rally in Times Square.

The rally was a Muslim-focused but interfaith event, protesting Congressman Peter King’s upcoming hearings this week about home-grown Muslim terrorists. Many at the rally believe that King’s focus on American Muslims will not only encourage Islamaphobia, but will also needlessly divert resources.

(There was a group present protesting the Newburgh 4, chronicled in this week’s Voice by Graham Rayman, who suggested that the sting was one such incident of fishing among Muslims needlessly leading to wasted resources.)

A small but vocal counter-demonstration was present in support of Rep. King, most of whom seemed to have traveled all the way from Long Island to speak up for him. Although it was an interfaith event, a woman moving through the main crowd trying to spread the word of Jesus and telling the demonstrators, “If you just read the Bible, you’ll see that I’m right!” was not particularly warmly welcomed.