Bradley Cooper: Gay Vibe?


The diverse grouping of Bradley Cooper, Abbe Cornish, and Robert DeNiro co-star in the new movie Limitless, which they just promoted at a press junket one of my audacious spies happened to be at.

And here’s the insight that dribbled my way:

Bradley Cooper turns out to be utterly charming, honest, and open. He gives you the sense that there’s nothing he won’t tell you.

Is there a gay vibe? “No,” swore my source, who usually thinks everyone is gay.

And Bradley’s so open, I’m sure he would have told you if he was!

Abbie Cornish is articulate but unfortunately can’t say a sentence without a lot of “you knows” and “likes” sprinkled in.

The most interesting thing she said was that she loves the close friendships she develops on movie sets.

Yeah, like with Ryan Phillippe, you know (ha, ha).

As for the legend himself, Robert De Niro?

“He and the producer made a mad dash for the exit the second it was over, like they were fleeing a torture chamber.”

And that’s why I’ve always loved the guy. He’s really gracious — to a point.

Oh, PS: My friend liked the movie.