Brooklyn’s ‘Prostitution Park’ Not Ideal for Youngsters


Kids! They just love the out-of-doors! And all that fresh air sure is good for their little lungs! Except, it turns out, certain parks are actually not so good for the children, ridden are they with prostitution, crack vials, and people actually having sex in plain view. Not for the eyes of babes, that. Crispus Attucks Park on Classon Avenue and Fulton Street in Brooklyn is such a park, and, reports WPIX, “Some parents are fearful about how the park may affect their families.” As they have every right to be.

“Prostitution, drugs, crack vials all over the place at night, people defecating on the bushes,” said Henry Hernandez, who lives across the street from the park. “My granddaughter loves to play here during the day. It’s a shame.”

The reporter also found a guy who admitted to getting freaky on the courts himself. “You know, that was something else dealing with me,” he said. Gotcha.

Local politicians and residents are vowing to take back the park. Meanwhile, everyone, please keep the kids away from the crack vials, and the bushes!

Brooklyn Residents To Take Back ‘Prostitution Park’ [WPIX via Gothamist]