Charlie Sheen Fired, Does Machete Dance


So Two and a Half Men is now One and a Half Men, star Charlie Sheen canned for his desperately unfunny antics.

And how does Sheen respond?

With mumbo-jumbo statements, a machete dance on a rooftop, shrieks of “breach of contract,” and whooping calls of “Free at last!”

Well, if Charlie’s so glad to be freed of his contract, why is he threatening to sue them for their supposed breaking of it?

And isn’t he the one who broke it with his nonstop string of unprofessional shenanigans?

Worst of all is Sheen’s pseudo-zenlike utterance, “It is what it is” (this is no time for cliches, Charlie) and his added claim that all he really cares about are his kids.

All of a sudden???

Anyway, it’s not surprising that Charlie has turned this sad development into yet another circus where he carries on for cameras and avoids the real significance of it all:

That he’s a mess and needs help before he stops screwing over himself and the ones around him.

Charlie needs to dig back into the cliche well and come up with “My bad” and stop thinking it’s all so freakin’ hilarious.

End of sermon.