Clarence Thomas Has a Body Like a ‘Coffee-Bean’ or ‘Velvet-Covered Cement’


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, long alleged to be something of a pervert, is at the very least being outed as a kinky dude by Lillian McEwen, a former judge and Thomas’s ex-girlfriend. In D.C. Unmasked & Undressed, McEwen’s story of work and play in our nation’s capital, she tells of her intimate contact with Thomas, who she calls a “national treasure.” There’s even more in an interview with AFRO late last week, excerpted by Wonkette today. Proceed only if you want to know more about Thomas’s sexual parts and practices, assuming the headline above didn’t do it for you.

The below excerpt from AFRO mostly just makes us wonder what word McEwen really used instead of “[package],” as well as what comes between the words “coffee-bean” and “velvet-covered cement”:

McEwen gushes over Thomas’ prowess and “fantasy [package],” describing his body as “coffee-bean … velvet-covered cement.”

He was a “national treasure,” she said, one she shared with other women in ménages à trois and in a voyeuristic pleasure palace. And she described her then-lover as being “easily aroused,” with a “strong interest in pornography.”

Guess we’ll have to buy the book to find out… and read it aloud in the office until the authorities come to drag us away.

As for “Clarence,” McEwen says, “He’s not going to be happy.”