Download Childish Gambino’s New Super-Serious EP, Freaks and Geeks


Today marks the release date for Freaks and Geeks, the new EP from Childish Gambino, the rapping persona of actor Donald Glover, he of Community and 30 Rock. Continuing in the vein of last summer’s Culdesac, Glover has largely skewed away from the “joke rap” tag first foisted on him back when he was mostly rhyming over indie-rock songs. Instead, on this five-track release, he focuses on themes of isolation, the trappings of fame, and love and/or sex. Of course, “Cheezy” is still a comedian at heart, but he has some seriously intense moments here nonetheless: “I wanna pick up the phone/Ask my dad how to handle it/ But what will happen when my dad’s not there to answer it?” he asks on the opening track, “Be Alone.” One track later, of course, he’s using e.e. cummings’ name as a crude punchline. Which is what’s known in Hollywood as “range.”

Download: Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks