Knicks Show Off A Passing Game!


Here’s a statistic that jumped out of the Knicks box score in last night’s blowout win against the Utah Jazz, which may bode well for the long-beleaguered team: 32.

As in 32 assists. That’s right, the team with Amare’ Stoudemire (12 for 15, 31 points) and Carmelo Anthony (pictured at right), who was 12 for 16, scoring 34 points–two stars not really known for their passing ability –racked up 32 assists in their 131-109 lambasting of the Jazz. All of that with their starting point guard Chauncey Billups still bench-ridden following a nasty thigh bruise courtesy of the Orlando Magic.

Of course, the Knicks shot very well in the game (56 percent), which is one mitigating factor here. But any team which can pass that well, going into the playoffs has a chance to do some damage if they can do it consistently, we think. And who was the assist leader last night? Why none other than defensive center Jared Jeffries, with 6.

For the season, the Knicks average 21.5 assists per game.

The single game record for assists so far this season is 37–set by three teams, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Overall, NBA squads have racked up at least 32 assists in 40 games this year–or just 4 percent of a total of about 915 games played in the 2010-2011 season.