Liza Minnelli and the Hot Dog Vendor: A New York Story


You know how in New York we just walk on by the celebrities who walk among us, sometimes ignoring them completely, sometimes peering at them out of the corner of our eye so they don’t notice, because, really, celebrities? Whatever. Such was the case, reports DNA Info, for Mohamed Elsaka, the guy who runs the pretzel and hot dog stand on the corner of West 47th and Seventh Avenue, where “legendary singer-actress-icon” Liza Minnelli stopped this afternoon to go about the very important business of unveiling “her personalized Gray Line tour bus adorned with a decal of her face.”

“Who is she? Who cares,” said Elsaka, 26, who complained the crowd of Minnelli-philes had cut him off from lunch-time eaters.

“She held up my business for like an hour,” said the vendor, who estimated the hold-up had cost him $20 to $30 out of his $80 daily take-home pay. “That’s the busiest hour of the day.”

Elsaka, you are our New Yorker of the day. Underwhelmed is hot this season.

Hot Dog Vendor Not a Liza Minnelli Fan After Tour Bus Blocks His Business [DNA Info]