NYPD Oversight Commission: More Allegations of Cops Lying Over Past Two Years


Well, the time has come again to examine the lone yearly report offered to the public by the largely forgotten Mayor’s Commission to Combat Police Corruption.

As usual, the report is basically positive about the NYPD’s anti-corruption practices. But there were a couple of intriguing disclosures:

*For the past two years, the commission has observed an increase in allegations that cops perjured themselves in court, signed false documents under oath, and lied during department interviews or interviews with other oversight bodies.

*IAB investigated a precinct where officers were writing fake summonses. (see the Voice’s NYPD Tapes series for more on that problem.)

The commission, formed in 1995 following the NYPD corruption scandals of the early 1990’s, is supposed to keep an eye on, yes, police corruption. But it has been limping along largely without staff or much funding for a very long time.

When a former executive director tried to investigate the NYPD’s crime stats, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly refused to cooperate and Mayor Michael Bloomberg backed him. Needless to say, the executive director resigned.