The Coney Island Eight Will Get One-Summer Reprieve


Following a several-month-long eviction fight, members of the so-called Coney Island Eight have agreed to a deal that would let them stay on the boardwalk for one last summer before Zamperla and Sodexo step in to ruin everything.

Gothamist reports that the deal was struck last night following a seven-hour negotiating session. Its terms allow the businesses — Ruby’s Bar & Grill, Cha Cha’s, Kris Gregs Beer House, Gyro Corner, Beer Island, Coney Island Souvenirs, and Paul’s Daughter — to remain on Coney Island for one last summer. The eighth business, Shoot the Freak, won’t be returning, since it was — oopsie! — illegally bulldozed last December.

After the season ends, forces of evil will descend upon the waterfront to transform it into a horror show of Dippin’ Dots and relentlessly sanitized surfaces, a sort of Mall of America for the maritime set. So get there while you can to celebrate what remains, and to reminisce about happier, more innocent times when this was the sort of shit that only happened in the suburbs.