Tiger vs. Lion: Who Wins in a Fight?


It’s the original Rumble in the Jungle: tiger fights lion, who ya got? Everyone has an opinion; even the most ardent PETA supporter can’t suppress their primal bloodlust when it comes to this epic duel (they may act disgusted by this post, but deep down they know they wouldn’t trade an opportunity to watch this fight for all the fennel in the world). These two noble beasts usually steer clear of each other in the wild, so this debate has never been truly settled. Until now. The BBC reports a Bengal tiger slipped through its cage to the adjacent habitat of a lion at the Ankara Zoo. The big cats tussled and the winner was…


The Beeb has the round-by-round action:

The tiger severed the lion’s jugular vein in a single stroke with its paw, leaving the animal dying in a pool of blood, officials said.

Okay, that’s pretty depressing. After all the pre-fight hoopla and aforementioned bloodlust, we didn’t expect there to be actual, you know, blood. And these are caged animals, so even if they didn’t kill each other it would be sad. Do you think the lion had cubs? Oh, jeez, what if it had cubs?

If you still feel like visiting the Ankara Zoo, officials insist it is safe despite the incident.

Our advice? Stay home, grill up some fennel (add a squirt of lemon for zest!) and watch Starship Troopers on TNT.

Tiger kills lion in Turkish zoo [BBC]