Todd P Is Plotting A New Venue Offering Both Mexican Food And “Avant-Experimental Music”


Totally did not expect to see über-promoter Todd Patrick beaming from the virtual pages of both Grub Street, but there he is and the Voice‘s own Fork in the Road, eagerly discussing the new restaurant/club he’s looking to open at Avenue A and Third Street in the East Village, at the spot most recently home to Aces & Eights, a beer-pong-hosting house of evidently ill repute. Working with Two Boots mastermind Phil Hartman, Todd P’s vision is twofold: tamales and free jazz, roughly speaking.

Per his chat with Grub Street:

Patrick says the venue “will not be an indie-rock club, dance club, or punk-rock club — we’ll be something more in the lines of Tonic,” meaning “avant-experimental music” in the vein of the original Knitting Factory over on Houston Street.

“The hope is to bring a home back to Manhattan for esoteric free jazz performance,” Patrick tells us. “We want to be about what the East Village came out of — this downtown experimentalism and this reverence of the artistic.”

The Stone, John Zorn’s nearby spot, is another key precedent here, though that one is of course alive and well, already serving what Patrick calls the “edgy, gritty, downtown-oriented intellectual experimental community.” (He tells Fork in the Road that “Both the Stone and Issue Project Room are great, but they’re maybe more of a museum setting than we would like to be. I have a great respect for those things, but you’re seeing kind of a presentation of something rather than it being a little more free-form.”) There’s probably a substantial lease/code tapdance to be done before this comes to fruition, but the other reason to eagerly anticipate this place is the food: Our man “is speaking to two restaurateurs about a menu of Pacific-coast-style Mexican food (think lemon and lime cured fish, tostadas, and tacos in the style of Jalisco or Sinaloa).” We will indeed start thinking about that, yes. First he brought you to Mexico, and now he’ll bring Mexico to you.