Adele Is Selling A Crapload Of Records


2011 finally has its first legitimate chart superstar: Say hello to Adele, certain to engage in yet more anti-diva-like behavior now that her new record, 21, has been certified gold after just two weeks out, selling 168,000 copies to easily take the #1 Billboard spot for the second straight week. The rest of the Top 10 is also slightly less offensive than usual!

Well, there’s some new blood, at least. #2 is Marsha Ambrosius, she of Floetry. Better still, at $6, please welcome the Dropkick Murphys, sneaking in with their first-ever Top 10 album, the now ironically named Going Out of Style; kudos to those boys also for outselling the dude from Staind in Country Mode. We know of at least one guy who will be very pleased to hear of this.

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