Donald Trump Promises a ‘Surprise’; Woman Falls to Her Death from 26th Floor Balcony; the Internet Won’t Let You Sleep


Donald Trump promises a “surprise” come June, when he will finally end the suspense at to whether or not he’s running for president. We hate surprises, unless they’re about his hair. [NBC NY]

• A 26-year-old woman named Hana Lin was killed when she fell from a 26th floor balcony in Tribeca early yesterday. While the police think she may have been reaching for a cell phone, suicide has not been ruled out. Lin had been drinking with two men who lived in the apartment. Foul play is not suspected. [NYP]

Spider-Man: Turn of the Dark director Julie Taymor is reportedly leaving the fraught production. Also, it may have to shut down for a while. Of course it may. [NY1]

Lady Gaga won’t do business with Target after all after Target did not follow through on supporting the gay community for Lady Gaga. [The Advocate]

• A 60-year-old wild bird named Wisdom is breaking ground in “geriatric pregnancies.” She just had another one! You go, girl. [CNN]

• Can’t sleep? Blame the Internet. [Sleep Foundation]

• Oops, maybe exercise is bad for you. Better nip it in the bud. [NYT]