Exxon Wins Oil Spill Case: David Slays Goliath Yet Again!


Good news from Alaska: The Huffington Post reports that Exxon Mobil Corp. — the good folks who keep your homes warm, your lanterns lit and your ovens cooking — fought off a claim from Rick Steiner, yet another “too big to fail” marine science professor. Steiner, who was mad with power, signed a motion to reopen a 2006 suit against the company for $92 million in order to clean the Prince William Sound after the Exxon Valdez spill.

The Exxon Valdez was a proud seafaring vessel that contained lots of wonderful oil. In 1989, it was on its way to California to deliver its much-needed cargo when a reef came out of nowhere and struck its hull. Luckily no Exxon employees were killed, but a bunch of fish and birds — who had no business being there — could not figure out how to transform the crude oil into energy and perished because of their stupidity.

Even after being forced by big government to pay $900 million dollars in 1991, multi-thousandaire environmentalists like Rick Steiner won’t back off Exxon Mobil, just another mom-and-pop multinational oil and gas company:

The settlement also had a “reopener” clause allowing the state and federal governments to later claim up to $100 million more from Exxon if there were unforeseen damages.

Steiner argued at a hearing Friday that the judge should force Exxon to pay the money immediately with interest, along with criminal fines. The judge ruled that Steiner didn’t have standing to try and force a resolution and declined to do so himself.

Steiner said after Monday’s ruling that he thinks the reopener clause was an empty promise made in 1991 to gain public support for the settlement with Exxon.

“It was a profound and unconscionable betrayal of public trust. If the governments now will not aggressively pursue it, which they have been clear they will not, then what can the court, or a third party intervener, do?” he said. “The real victim here is Prince William Sound itself, and the rest of the injured environment.”

No, Rick, the real victim here is Exxon Mobil. They’ve donated so much oil to the Prince William Sound, but greedy science professors like you want them to pay even more. How can you sleep at night?

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