Eyebeam’s The Counter Kitchen Turns Food Upside-Down and Inside Out


Eyebeam, a cool nonprofit celebrating the intersection of art and technology, is hosting a series called The Counter Kitchen, which explores how science and marketing have made food and product labels impossible to decode and will teach participants to reverse-engineer favorite foods.

The first part of the exhibit occurred back in December and included workshops like isolating a single calorie and re-creating food packaging based on hidden ingredients. And now on March 19 ($10, noon to 2 p.m.), as part of the “Buttery Smooth” workshop series, Mike Lee, of the underground supper club Studiofeast, will lead a discussion on commercially produced ice cream. According to Eyebeam’s website, Lee will use “his culinary skills and scientific prowess with cryogenic fluids” to uncover questionable ingredients in Breyers Ice Cream and then show participants a spectrum of possibilities for creating their own ice creams.

And while you’re at Eyebeam, you can check out Resident Stefani Bardin’s Commodity Cropism, a multi-channel video installation (on display until March 26) that examines three problematic monocultures of industrial agricultural production: corn, soy, and sugar. Food — it’s not just dinner anymore.

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